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  • Portable Rack Type Energy Storage Battery

    Portable Rack Type Energy Storage Battery

    Cabinet -type energy storage products are mainly: battery box (PACK), battery cabinet. The battery box has 15 string or 16 string of iron phosphate batteries.

    15 series Lithium iron phosphate battery, rated voltage 48V, working voltage range 40V -54.7V.

    It has a long cycle life, with over 6000 cycles of 1C charging and discharging in an 80% DOD environment at room temperature.

    The product series has two models, 50Ah and 100Ah, corresponding to 2.4KWH and 4.8KWH for energy storage.

    The maximum working current of the product is 100A continuously, and it can support up to 15 products of the same model to be used in parallel.

    Standard 19 inch universal cabinet, with 3U and 4U standard cabinets according to different height dimensions of energy.

    It is capable of matching multiple inverters including GROWATT, GOODWE, DeYe, LUXPOWER, etc and supports RS232 and RS485 communication functions, with multiple sleep and wake-up modes.